Sunday, August 7, 2011

Its the final count down!

T-Minus 12 days until I head back to Utah!
Not that I am counting or anything! I cannot believe that this summer is already coming to and end! It has been super fun and a really good experience! But I am ready to go back to Utah and my life there! Its been a great break from Utah! But I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss it!  But I still have 12 days of Texas and work!

I am not going to lie....its moments like this one that I will miss when I head back!
The Alamo is so beautiful at night! And around dusk!

So we had a sudden down pour of rain while working one day! And boy did the streets clear out! We had about 50 people in our was packed! They were just trying to get out of the rain! The rain lasted all about 10 minutes...but the whole time it was a constant down pour! It was crazy! 

As we have all learned the craziest things happen at the Alamo!  Well yesterday while working.....there was a massive CONGA LINE! With music, and ladies dressed up in pink and yellow "silk and ruffle explosion" outfits and feather head dresses! And they got a ton of innocent by-standards to join their conga line! And of course us girls at Del Sol couldn't help but enjoy it from the store!

Melissa and Aubrey! 

"Silk and Ruffle Explosion"

I wanted to join in all the fun!!! 

Conga Line!

These weird guys came into the store today and one had this massive sombrero! I've seen them around town before! And so of course I asked if I could put it on! My question to the world is why on earth do you need a sombrero this large?! And what do you do with it when you get home and are no longer on vacation!?

By the way!!!!!!!  Aubrey and I went to Schlitterbahn this week!  It supposedly the worlds best water park with the worlds longest water park ride! It was super fun! We certainly enjoyed ourselves! There were some super fun water rides...including a ride that is basically a roller coaster for water! It not only goes down hill...but you go up hill as well! You ride a double tube and they use high water pressure to shoot you up the hills! It was so fun! We seriously laughed the whole time! And at the end, no big deal...I struggled getting off the tube and almost fell and the girl life guard totally laughed at us! It was awesome! I swear the life guards don't experience funny/awesome people because all of the life guards totally loved us and laughed at all the funny stuff Aubrey and I were doing/saying! We totally made their day extra ordinary! Needless to say if you ever go to San Antonio make sure to head up to New Braunfels and go to Schlitterbahn! Totally worth it!

Well I know this post wasn't super exciting! But not a whole lot of new stuff has happened! So I apologize for the lack of excitement! But I'm sure with my last couple weeks in Texas some fun and exciting things will go on! Love and miss you all! And I'll be back soon enough! Can't wait!

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