Sunday, July 1, 2012

I challenge you....again.

So exactly 6 months ago I finished my challenge to read/finish the Book of Mormon.  

But today I am taking on that challenge once again.
I was reading one of my favorite blogs that I follow, Mormon in Manhattan, and she put out this same challenge. And I just had the feeling that I really should do it. 
So. I'm going to try my hardest to read the entire Book of Mormon by July 31st.

These next couple months are going to be quite the change for me and also for my family. And I am feeling like I need some extra guidance and direction in my life. And really, just some comfort. And the best way I can think of, to receive those things (guidance, direction and comfort) is to re-center my life on what is most important. How better than to be reading a book entirely written to testify of my Savior Jesus Christ. 

The challenge:
8 Chapter/Day...
for 31 Days.

But what I have decided to differently this time is, I am using the little blue book version (as shown above).
I have decided to read this book with a purpose, to receive like I said guidance and direction. So before I start reading I am going to write down what I am really in need of, question I have that I would like answers to, things I am struggling with, etc. I know that during my reading my questions will be answered, my struggles will be lightened, and I will receive guidance in my life. And after finishing the book, I will write down how taking this challenge has affected my life. I encourage you to maybe do the same. Take this challenge not just because of me, but with a stronger purpose in mind. 

I am completely unaware of how many people actually read this blog. 
Or how many people actually care.
Or how many of you will take this challenge.

But to all of you that do, 
Whether you have read this book hundreds of times already, or if you've never even picked it up.
Take not only my challenge, but the challenge of so many others, 
And lets read the Book of Mormon in 31 days.

I can promise you that this book can:
Lift you up when feeling down,
Give you strength to take on the challenges this life brings,
Bring light into the darkness,
And bring hope.

But most importantly, this book WILL:
Testify of Jesus Christ.
And testify that you are a daughter or son of a Heavenly Father, who loves you..and knows you. 


Again...I would love to here of your experiences during this challenge. Feel free to share any insight you have, any struggles, and of course your accomplishments! Let's do this together!