Sunday, September 11, 2011

Have you forgotten!?

It has been 10 years.  Can you believe it!? It seems like just yesterday that I was in my 7th grade English class when we got news that the towers had collapsed.  I'm sure there are many of you with similar stories.  I just cannot believe it has been 10 years.  As I sat on Facebook wasting precious hours of my day, I saw so many status updates about 9/11 and where they had been, or saying that we will never forget.  I think about 9/11/01 not on a daily basis but definitely frequently, and I hope that is the same with everyone else.  I hope the things that happened on that day are not just things we remember on this specific day.  I hope we are reminded often about how we felt, what we saw, and the people that lost more than we did.  I hope we are grateful every single day for the people in our lives that are fighting day in and day out for our amazing country!  I am especially grateful for my dad and his 31 years serving in the National Guard.  And I cannot believe it, but here in the next little while I will be able to have my amazing brother serving our country as well.    It still doesn't feel real, but it's happening.  I am so grateful for the men and women that fight for our country.  

Now I will step off my patriotic soap box!

This week I got to spend my day off with my mom, sister, niece and nephew! Holy cow do I love them or what? Brynlee, the pour thing had pink eye! But she was still her chipper little self! She is getting so big and really starting to get her personality! I can't wait until she is older and I can doll her up! Sorry Sara! It's inevitable! 

Ethan....Oh Ethan! Can I just say, this little boy has my heart! He is so freaking  hilarious, sweet, and crazy!  He really is starting to get so fun! He is getting old enough that he is understanding things a lot more! And he is getting a little easier to understand as well! It melts my heart every time I see him, because when I enter the room he just lights up!! He gets this huge smile on his face and usually runs up to give me a big hug, grab my face, and give me a big kiss! OH I LOVE HIM! He is such a sweet heart! 

I seriously love these two so much! It is so fun being an aunt! They love me no matter what! We as a family are going to Disneyland in 2 weeks, and I cannot wait! It will be so fun! It will probably be a little crazy, because our family trips always are! But I am so excited! It will be a much needed vacation!