Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Face Time and Game Time!

Good news all, Tony is back! Those two weeks were the longest two weeks of my life I think, but don't worry, I made it! We got to talk two times a day while he was in Armenia and we talked at least once a day while he was in London and Paris. Every time I got a text from him I was so excited, and being able to Face Time with him made it more bearable to have him gone for two weeks. So while Tony was away this is how I got my Tony fix...

Don't we both look so happy!? :)

Well tonight was such a fun night! My nephew has started playing t-ball! Mind you he is 3 1/2 haha. And tonight he had his first official game! Watching 3 1/2 year old kids play t-ball is the cheapest form of entertainment. Seriously! They were so funny! They had no idea what was going on, and half the time they had no idea where to run. It was AWESOME! And apparently Ethan really likes Tony, because he asked my sister multiple times yesterday if Tony was going to be coming to his game.  So Tony being the good sport he is, came to the game with us. Ethan did such a good job for never playing t-ball in his life! It was so fun to watch him! He is growing up so fast! 

I just love that boy! 

And I love this boy!