Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm baaaack!!!

I'm back in Utah, and I couldn't be happier! As you may or may not have read in my last post, I did love Texas and had so much fun this summer, but I am so happy to be back in Utah! Utah is home and lets be honest I do love it here! And being away made me realize that! 

The last week spent in Texas was strange! The whole week I had a hard time comprehending the fact that Aubrey and I were headed back home! And it didn't help that I couldn't really start packing until a couple days before because all I really had to do was put everything in my car.  There wasn't a whole lot of packing to be done.  So my time was spent waiting for the days to pass to I could actually start getting ready to leave. That last week went by really slow but at the same time it flew by!  To be honest it was hard to stay motivated and productive at work.  If I wasn't the best employee my last week I apologize.  But ya know when you put in your two weeks notice and then from that moment on you just have no motivation to do anything because you are leaving....ya that's pretty much how I felt.  Horrible I know, but it was just so hard being at work when I was so excited to come home! But we made it through the last week successfully! 

The girls at work and I decided to go out with a bang at Aubrey and I's favorite restaurant Chuy's.  It is sooooo good! Such good Mexican food. And let's be honest their Tres Leches is to die for, along with their jalapeno ranch.  I could probably drink that stuff it's so good! We had a ton of fun at dinner and didn't stop laughing the entire time! Our waiter probably though we were all crazy! But what do you expect when you get 5 girls together?! I am really glad we got to all go out one final time! Such fun girls and I will miss them tons!

I'm not going to lie the entire summer I had put off getting something for each of my family members and so did literally our last day at Del Sol and our last day in Texas we decided it was probably time to find some fun Texas-y things for our families.  Along the street that we worked on were a bunch of typical souvenir shops which basically all had the same things with minor differences.  The store that I purchased all of my families things was the same place that Aubrey and I took our old fashion photos! They had lots of typical souvenirs and lots of crazy t-shirts like this one! hahaha Honestly this was the first thing that I noticed when I entered the store and I think I laughed for about 5 minutes! So great! Need I say more?

My last day of work was more bitter sweet than I imagined it would be.  I figured I would be so excited to leave and that I wouldn't miss it at all.  Well, do I really miss the working? Not really.  But I cannot deny that I working right in front of the Alamo is probably one of the coolest things ever! I was constantly in awe of the fact that right in front of my store was such a historic place.  So much history behind the Alamo.  And although its a little underwhelming it is still so amazing! Never again will I get such an opportunity, and I am so grateful for that! So on my last day I felt it appropriate to take my one and only picture of myself in front of the Alamo.  Sad to say it really is my only picture of me and the Alamo.  

Like I said earlier the girls I worked with were seriously so fun! Loved them all! We all got along really well and we had a lot of fun while working.  They kept me sane during the super slow hours at Del Sol and kept me calm during the crazy busy hours! But of all of them besides Aubrey this is the girl I will miss the most! My dearest Melissa! She seriously is a crack up! Love her! She is so funny and so fun! We had so much fun together and never stopped laughing! Such a sweet heart and I really wish I could have brought her home with me! Melissa, Aubrey and I had some really good times! 

Love these girls! 
Melissa, Aubrey, and I.

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