Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Your adventure is about to begin"

So its been a really long week and I'm glad its over! Saturday I worked 11 hours....why does that need to happen? But actually as much as it sucked, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  The morning went by really fast and I worked with really fun people. So time went by quicker than I was expecting! Oh...and remember how I work across the street from the Alamo and we get really top notch people into our store!? Ya....Saturday was full of them...and interestingly enough a lot of the great situations I came across had to do with me being LDS! This one guy...oh wow...first of all thought we worshiped David Smith....I corrected him.  Its Joseph...and we don't worship him. And then he didn't realize that we as Latter Day Saints believe (like most Christians) that Christ rose from the dead on the third day.  He just though we acknowledged Jesus as the son of God but not as our Savior.  He was weird! So I corrected him of all the things he was misinformed about! It actually was a good missionary experience! But needless to say he was still weird.  And then he told me that I needed to get paid extra for standing there and looking so good....awkward.  Stuff like that doesn't need to be said! 

Oh! OH! And this lovely couple we have here! 
Just the matching green shirts! 
"I love Frank!"
"I love Jennifer!" 
And not to mention the heart is made out of bandanna material.
With white pants? 
Black converse.
I never want to be this couple!!!

But I skipped a day! Friday Aubrey and I closed together and after we decided that we would go to Rain Forest Cafe.  I honestly haven't been since I was maybe I was kind of excited. being a Friday night we knew we would probably wait for a while....45 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIKES!  So to fill our time...and to get away from the mass amounts of people waiting by the door, we decided to entertain ourselves in the gift shop! Seriously we were like little kids! There is so much stuff to play with in there!!!!!!! It would have been impossible not to play around! Its like they put all of that stuff in there to entertain people! So ya...we had a good time...but got bored quickly (naturally)! 
 The hat Aubrey is wearing would actually be a great snowboarding hat! 
She's really thinking she should have bought it! 
And it is freaking saweeet!

 I didn't realize until after I took the picture that my Jamaican hat had eyes on top of it!! 

 Hahaha I can't look at this picture without laughing!
Why am I the way I am?! Aubrey just laughed at me because of my face! 
I'm cool! That's all.

 Ya..."Tracy the Tree" may or may not be looking down my shirt.
We don't know.

Oh A-Breezy! Such a "Major Cutie"!!

 "Lisa, Party of 2! Please come to the rock, your adventure is about to begin!!"
Ya that's what they say over the intercom!
I for sure make that outfit look good! 

Yowza! (We strategically placed the snake to look like that!)

I was hoping that if I kissed this giant stuffed frog that he would turn into my prince charming.
I was sorely mistaken.
Waste of a perfectly good kiss.

Well that was the excitement of my weekend! I GET TO GO HOME ON TUESDAY!!!!!!!  Just for a family reunion! And it's kind of sad....I will literally only be there for my reunion and then I will be heading back to Texas.  But I am so excited to see my family! Especially my niece and nephew! But I'm also excited to spend the weekend with all my extended family! We always have a good time together and I am blessed to have such a great family! So shout out to the Webster clan!!!!! But thanks to those that are still following my life as a 22 year old single LDS girl!  Loves Doves!!!


Stef and Rich said...

I am excited you are coming up for the weekend!! We do always have good time...our crazy family of ours!! See you in a few days!

Jamie said...

Lisa can we just talk about how freaking funny you are?!
"Ya..."Tracy the Tree" may or may not be looking down my shirt.
We don't know."
I'm still laughing out loud to myself right now like a dork!

Me said...

haha jamie! I miss you! I'm glad you still think I'm funny! I try really hard to be funny when I'm writing!