Wednesday, July 13, 2011

You Make My Dreams Come True!

I recently watched 500 Days of Summer....a real movie about how relationships really are.  If you haven't seen it, and are the type that loves fairy tales, happily ever after may not be the one for you! Jk Its a great movie! Super funny! But it is a very realistic movie! That's all! This song is in the movie and I love this song! It just makes my heart happy! Soooooo push play and enjoy the wonderment of this song as you read!

**This picture does no justice**
I saw this man the other day while working.
If you can't tell he has a bowl cut, rat tailmow hawk.
**This picture does no justice**

The Alamo brought yet again something interesting into my life.
As I was working (as I am usually always doing)....this red monkey(?) in an Aladdin costume showed up.
And proceeded to dance around and pose in photos with small children.
This unknown creature was only in the plaza for about 5 minutes and then left.
So weird. 

San Antonio is not only famous for the Alamo, but it is also famous for the river walk.  The river walk is lined with beautiful trees, a plethora of restaurants, and a couple gift shops of sorts.  The river walk also offers boat tours that take you on a tour of the whole river walk informing you of lots of tid bits of interesting facts. Aubrey and I finally made time to take a boat tour! It was really pretty and quite fun! And to top it all off there was this super cute 5 year old Hispanic boy sitting by us that loved us! Here are some pics of the experience!

Friday night after quite an enjoyable day at Del (as in Aubrey and I) decided that we would enjoy our evening by finding our local karaoke bar! Karaoke Cantina! Love it! Let's talk about we are driving to the location of choice which, by the way, is in the ghetto (which is fine).  We pull into the parking lot and lets be honest, its pretty etch-a-sketch.  Some beater cars mixed with a bmw, and then this fabulous demolition derby look a like car.  We walk being a bar figured we would get IDed.  We did not.  We walked right in a took a seat and began to enjoy some karaoke! Typically great! Out of tune, off pitch, drunk, a little ghetto.....GREAT! Buuuuuut this by far may have been the best performance I have ever witnessed! This woman....oh this woman! So top notch! Yes she did have a mullet.  Yes she is wonderful at  And YES we later discovered she is the owner of the previously mentioned fabulous demolition derby look a like car! Absolutely fabulous! Please...please enjoy this video of her great performance of the one and only Heart Breaker by Pat Benatar! 

If you couldn't tell in the video I was completely and utterly shocked and baffled by her wonderful performance! Sooo...I took a picture of my face that I had the entire time! Don't mind the Miller Lite sign! 
(I hope you can sense the sarcasm as I'm writing about her "wonderful" performance....) 

On a completely different topic totally unrelated....I've decided Texas has lots of pretty the words of Bob Ross (if you don't know who that is look him up, he use to have a painting show on like PBS, he painted "happy clouds"...)I like to think Texas has lots of "happy clouds".

Anyway....Aubrey and I got home taught on Monday! They actually didn't come to our home...we met them at the church and decided to be taught in the nursery room! And discovered the best thing about nursery! The  mini potty, and the mini chairs, and the mini sink.  Why am I not in nursery!? So I wanted to feel like a nursery child...and...I sat on the mini potty! It took a full squat to get on that potty! I got a good work out sitting down and then standing up!  

Later that night we went to Chuy's! Probably our favorite Mexican restaurant that we have discovered here in SA! And they have the best Tres Leches cake! And did our waiter and his manager give us free Tres Leches? And then proceed to write their numbers in caramel? They sure did! Most cleaver way to give your number out! I ate their number....and then didn't call....ooops. My bad.  It was quite delectable though. 

Yesterday Aubrey and I decided to go to the local art museum...The McNally art museum!  It was really cool! I'm really glad I took my art history class at UVU or I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I did.  There were a lot of artist that I studied in that class and so it made it more enjoyable that I knew a lot of the artists and could relate to the pieces a bit more.  It was a little overwhelming though standing in front of pieces by Monet, Picasso, Manet, Cezanne, and Rodin. It was especially overwhelming standing in front of the actual "Waterlilies" by Monet.  It is an absolutely beautiful piece of art!

The Museum is actually an old home made into a museum and this house is absolutely beautiful and the grounds were gorgeous as well! I just kept thinking that I wanted to live there! 

Its been a pretty good week! And....AND...great news! I get to go home next Tuesday for my family reunion! I am so excited to see my family and spend some time with them! I have 6 weeks left here in Texas and I'm getting excited to come back to Utah! This summer has been fun...but I'm ready to get out of this inferno they call Texas! Its rained twice in the 8 weeks we've been here...and I think there have only been maybe 5 days that it hasn't been 100 degrees...ugh...its too hot here! But I'm still enjoying it! And we are having a lot of fun! So the next time I blog it will probably be after I visit and return from my quick trip to Utah! Love and miss you all! Thanks for being a part of my life as a 22 year old single LDS girl!!

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