Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Marvelous Day Off!

Aubrey and I have had today and yesterday off of work! And oh how marvelous it has been to not have to go to Del "Hole" as some people have liked to call it! Those people shall remain anonymous! So for our first day off we decided to make out way up to Austin! But on our way we decided to stop by the local (kinda) outlet mall! BEST OUTLETS I HAVE EVER BEEN TO!!!!  We ended up spending about 4 hours shopping our lives away and spending a little bit of money! Can I just list some of the stores that we encountered:
Victoria Secret
Juicy Couture
Betsey Johnson
Neiman Marcus
Ann Taylor
True Religion
Banana Republic
New York and Co.
and the list can go on! 

I had a great time! I could have spend 10 more hours there!

Driving up to Austin there is a city called Kyle! So as I was driving I had Aubrey take a quick pic so I could send it to my brother! Who responded with "You should steal that sign!!" He is full of great ideas!  NOT!!!  So Aubrey and I were starving and had been told there was an amazing BBQ joint on the out skirts of Austin that we had to try! So we made the trek out there! When they said out skirts I think that was an understatement.  This place was literally in the middle of no where.  I even made the statement "is this restaurant and someone's house?"  because that's how I felt! There was no civilization any where in sight! So we pull up to the restaurant and it is legit! Pulling into the parking lot I, for the first time, that I was in Texas!  Dirt parking lot, log cabin feel to the building, smell of bbq on the fire! This place is called "The Salt Lick" and can I say for the record....BEST BBQ I'VE EVER HAD!!!!!  Melt in your mouth good meat! So full of flavor! Oh my goodness! I cannot believe how good this place was! All the meat is cooked on a stove over a fire! Like LEGIT bbq! They don't mess around! SO GOOD! yummmmmmmm!!!!!!!!

After indulging in the best bbq, we headed up to Austin!  There is this famous mural in Austin that has a frog on it and about it is says "Hi, How are you" If you have seen the movie "Whip It" you will know what I am talking about.  So we decided to find out where the mural is and take some pictures! 

We didn't quite know what we wanted to do after that so we decide to get some shaved ice, park the car, walk around, and shop around some more!  There are a bunch of these antique shops and little boutiques so we enjoyed looking around and wishing we could have every thing in the stores!  It was a lot of fun!

 After doing some antique and boutique shopping (or really just looking) we decided to go witness one of the most bizarre things ever! Under the Congress Street bridge resides North America's largest bat colony.  Under the bridge there are inch wide spacing joints where the bats live.  They all cram into these inch wide spaces, which is so crazy! They reside in Austin from March until November and then they migrate back to Mexico where they came from.  And every night around dusk you can watch the 1.5 MILLION bats venture out to feed for the evening.  The city has even made a small park/viewing area for people to sit and watch this bizarre phenomenon.  So we put a blanket on the grass and parked ourselves until the bats emerged.  Let's just say....watching these bats fly out from under the bridge is the weirdest, oddest, interesting, intriguing, grossest thing ever!  I have honestly never seen something so interesting.  These bats fly out in a continuous is so bizarre! They continuously streamed out for about 10 minutes non-stop.  I was in shock and awe! I just kept saying "Oh my gosh this is so weird!" But it was pretty cool! Very mind blowing for sure!  The pictures I took did no justice so I had to find some online!

We had an amazing 2 days off! So back to the 40 hour work week....ugh...suck fest 5000.  Not so stoked about that!  Thanks for being apart of my life as a 22 year old single LDS girl! Love you all!

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Jamie said...

Dear Lisa,
I am now officially 100% caught up! I am way jealous of all the fun you're having out there! Also, --"He is full of great ideas! NOT!!!"-- I laughed so hard! I miss you and you're crazy fun self! Keep the posts coming! I'm loving it!