Friday, March 9, 2012

Adventures at the Carwash

I know it has been a while since I last posted...but life is just busy, ya know!? Well tonight I had a really great night and though I would share it! (Don't get too may not be as cool as I thought it was!)

For about the last week or so Tony has been craving nachos.  Random, I know! (And it's not like we couldn't make nachos ourselves.) So we decided that tonight we would find somewhere and go get nachos! All day I had been looking up different mexican restaurant in search of the perfect nacho.  No luck really. So I asked my all knowing mother if she knew of any good places to get nachos....she suggested "Salsa Leedos" in Riverton/Herriman (not sure where it technically is).  So Tony and I decided to go there.  

Well when we got there it was packed.  Which I take as a good sign! So we waited about twenty minutes, and it was probably worth the wait, but I still haven't decided.  The nachos were pretty good.  Were they better than nachos we could have made at home? Eh, probably not, but they were still really good! 

So after indulging in a giant plate of nachos we decided to finally take my car to get washed.  Since the last couple snow storms my poor "Blue Streaker" has no longer been has been more of a dirty blue/white/grey because of the nasty-ness the water/sand/salt created.  I've been putting it off because I didn't want to spend the money on a wash if it was just going to snow again. And since it has been fabulous weather these last couple days I figured it was time.  "Isn't it about time?" Name the commercial!? 

I decided to just go to the local "Shell" gas station because that's where I had been before. We pull up and there is the smallest sign that says "Cash and Card machine out of service.  Please see attendant for assistance." Well clearly we were too lazy to go inside so we decided we would just go across the street. Thinking it would be faster. But apparently everyone and their dog and the same idea as we did because we were about 5th in line for the car wash.  So after about twenty minutes we finally get up to the car wash, I'm pulling up and there is a sign saying "Doesn't accept cash" Serious!? And there is no credit card machine, so what were we suppose to do? It just kept asking for a code. So at this point I am just laughing and Tony suggests "just back up"....well there was someone behind I couldn't just back up.  So feeling like an idiot Tony gets out and waves to the girl behind us to back up to let us out.  So we filled my car up with gas so we could pay for a car wash and get a "code".  Well, we once again pull up to the car wash behind this man in a blue car, and I notice him get out of his car when he gets up to the machine...(realizing he was probably going to experience the same sort or madness that we had.)  So I'm just watching as he pushed the "push for assistance" button...and then proceeds to get out of his car and walk into the actual car wash where another car is preparing for a nice wash.  

At this moment I'm like "What is this man doing? You can't just walk into the car wash...." as this is happening we see an attendant from the gas station running toward the car wash like something horrible was going on...which was no surprise seeing that a man had just strolled into the car wash.  As the attendant walks up, the man inside the car wash starts walking out, and the car wash door starts to come down.  You know that moment in titanic when the boat is starting to fill up with water and you see the men in the boiler room running around trying to get to the water tight doors...and there is the one man who (as it goes into slow motion) barely makes it under the door before it crushes him? You know that feeling in your stomach you get every single time you see that? As I'm watching this man run towards the closing car wash door I had that same feeling in my stomach. I felt like I was watching some action film....but at a car Riverton...on a Friday night. Fortunately for the man he made it out alive...barely...the door did hit him on its way down....sadly. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing! Tony and I couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculousness that was going on at the car wash of all places.  I just kept saying "what is happening?" was unreal.  

Well after attempting twice to get my car wash, getting gasoline, watching the man escape the car wash, and waiting some more, it was finally our turn to enter the car wash.  From that point on it was a typical car wash experience, with the colorful soap and the slight anxiety that one of my windows isn't all the way rolled up and the inside of my car is also going to get washed.  I forced Tony to take some pictures while we were you will see he wasn't quite thrilled with the took a couple tries.  But in the end I did get  proof that we can be cute and normal...kinda! 

It may seem quite lame...but tonight was a really good night! Lots of laughs and good memories.  Who knew getting your car washed with your boyfriend on a Friday night could be so fun!?

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