Sunday, June 19, 2011

One Month!

Well on Tuesday the 21st I will have officially been in Texas for a month! Its crazy to think that! I honestly feel like I have been here forever! I haven't decided if that's a good thing or a bad thing...........

But any way! I am finally starting to feel settled in and like I actually live here and not just visiting.  When I'm driving around the city I actually can get myself from point A to point B without using Beatrice my handy dandy gps! But speaking of driving......TEXAS DRIVERS ARE RIDICULOUS....and people say Utah drivers are bad....NO....we are just aggressive drivers.  Texas drivers are horrid.  1. Most of the time they drive super slow...I have found myself getting super irritated because I will notice I'm driving really slow and to look at my speedometer and see I'm only driving 55 MPH!!!!!!! When is that ever ok on the freeway?! NEVER! So slow....geez.  And 2. The freeway system here is crazy! The first couple weeks here I used my gps literally everywhere I went because its insane....there are about 3 or 4 different "main" highways here and each one can take you to the same place or somewhere COMPLETELY different.  UGH! Like one day I was headed to Richard's house and I though I had been taking I-10 to his house in the he said on I-10 take this exit after you pass the exit to 410.   APPARENTLY I was taking a different way than I though I after the 410 exit the exit he told me never came....never came...never came.....and then I was completely lost, stuck in bumper to bumper traffic and my gas light came on.  Needless to say I used some choice words and told Richard I hate San Antonio! I later took back the hating statement.

Speaking of Richard.... :) if you've seen my Facebook just ignore....but he is officially me BF(boyfriend)! To most of you that will seem like a shock because he's only been mentioned once in my blog! But I met him the first Sunday in my singles ward....and lets just say we have been inseparable since!  He's a really great guy! And super cute!  haha last Sunday he was ambushed when he came over to find me skyping with  my family! That was fun! ;) We all had a really good time! My parents played 20 ?'s I swear! But it was fun for them to meet him over skype! Can't say that's ever happened to me before!

Other than that not a whole lot new has happened! This week was pretty uneventful besides us going to Corpus Christi again to the beach! This time wasn't so car got stuck in the sand. That was fun....NOT. Aubrey used her handy digging skills to get me out whilst these 2 strangers pushed my car! Quite entertaining...I just laughed the whole time! And then later we got sand blasted as the wind picked up.  Needless to say we had sand EVERYWHERE....and my car has sand EVERYWHERE! YIKES.

So before I end this post for the day....I must just add that the strangest things happen to me while I'm working I swear! Last week me and Melissa(co-worker) got to spend some time with a python...SCARY!!

I get creeped on by old men...and drunks....and tatted(tattooed) up middle aged men! Awesome! I have weird men come take my picture saying the lighting on my face is absolutely brilliant! And also get photographed by random school kids passing by the store when I'm outside....weird....But today topped it off! I was standing by the door when this man walked by...I thought nothing of him...and then he walked in. So like usual I said "Hey have you been to a Del Sol store before?" and then our conversation went as follows.
Man: Well I really just came in for you!
Me: Oh?.....Really?!
Man: (Looking at me kind of creepy/seductive) What are you trying to be Miss America or something?! :)
Me: YES!
Man: Really?!
Me: No.....(shaking me head)
Man: Well you could be!!!
Me: Oh really?
Man: Yes you are veeeerrrrry pretty!
Me: Well thank you!
Man: Don't thank me, thank mom and dad!
Me: (under my breath) Thanks mom and dad!
And as he was inching closer to my face I got a big ol' wiff of the alcohol on his breath! SWEEET YO! And then he stumbled away....and I never saw him again! So weird! Then later...again as I was standing outside trying to get people into the old man walked up to me and said "If I don't find somewhere to pee I'm going to change color in the sun!!! hahahaha" I just busted up laughing because it was so weird and funny! I told him where he could find a restroom and then he laughed and said thanks and went on his way! Good times!  Needless to say Del Sol offers me with quite the entertainment for my life..along with really sore feet...and me going home sweaty and tired from being in the small inferno I like to call San Antonio Texas!

Thanks for reading and being part of my life as a 22 year old single(or not so single anymore) LDS girl!

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