Saturday, June 25, 2011

Add on

As I was at work today I remembered something I wanted to put in my last post that I totally forgot about! I don't remember why...but Aubrey told me about this video that I HAD to see! Its about goats that faint when they get scared! OH MY GOODNESS I laughed for about ten minutes! This video is so funny! If I were to ever have a farm I would insist that I own these goats just so I could go around scaring them so they would faint...I know I know its really rude...but watch this video and you will see how silly they look! 

Another thing! If any of you have access to Dance Central on xbox connect.....PLAY IT!!!! Aubrey, Richard, and I attended a "connect party" on Thursday! FUNNEST GAME EVER!!!! Aubrey was completely legit! It was her first time and she rocked that game like it was her job!!!! Loved it! So great! haha That's all!!

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Kyle and Chelsea said...

Lisa!!! It looks like you are having the time of your life! Your boy is darling! I'm so happy everything is going good for you!!! Can't wait for you to come home... Enjoy Del Sol! It was the time of my life, I hope you cherish every moment! Living on your own away from family is such a growing experience. Best of Luck over the next month! See you soon.