Sunday, November 13, 2011


I have a couple confessions to make.

1. I have been really bad a blogging. I'll be better...I PROMISE! 
2. Life is getting a little more exciting! (I'll get back to this)
And finally...
3. I have an obsession with hoodies....specifically "Zine" hoodies.  You can find them here! Well honestly I'm not the only person who has an obsession with these fabulous hoodies.  My co-worker Molly (whom I have been hanging out with a lot) has the same obsession with them as well! And I would be willing to assume that more people than Molly and me have the same amazingly horrible obsession. 

Can I just be honest here....I don't have just one or two of these hoodies.  I have FIVE...yes....FIVE of them(black, purple, turquoise, blue, and now stripes)! What can I say? They are great! They are super comfy, really cute, and they just are great! I wear them all the time! The only problem I have regarding these hoodies, is I can never choose which one I want to wear! Okay...and they are not super cheap ($39.95 or by one get one 1/2 off) so its not financially smart to own five of them really. 

**Side note.  I just took a ten minute break from writing because my family and I are watching "Crazy Stupid Love" which is probably the funniest movie I have ever seen. I NEED to own it! If you haven't seen it, get up, get your keys, get in your car, and rent it, buy it, whatever! Just WATCH IT! You will not regret it!**

So back to the hoodie!  :) So the point of me writing about my seriously crazy obsession, is that I just bought my fifth one on Thursday! And I think it is my favorite so far! Its super cute! 

Geez I'm obsessed. I'm wearing it now!

Well I guess I will get off my soap box about this grand hoodie! 

So my second confession was that life was getting a little more exciting! 

News- I will be moving back home in December! Kind of nervous but exciting! I'm just ready for a change, and think I have filled my quota for "Happy Valley", so I'm heading back to the Salt Lake Valley! 

Other news-I've been going on dates a lot! Which is exciting news, CLEARLY! Its been a while since I've been on multiple dates with someone, so it's exciting that I've been on multiple dates with multiple people.  Now I will be honest, I'm not usually the type to date multiple people.  Well 1-I usually don't have multiple guys in my life that want to take me on dates and spend time with me. So that's new to me! And 2-I usually just like to focus on one guy! But I'm having fun and getting to know some really good guys! There isn't a whole lot more to say about that! The dating situation(s) are still really new, so I will keep you posted!! 

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Cory, Jeri, Brock and Parker T. said...

Love it! Happy to see you are a blogger! Come visit us.
Glad to see you having fun!