Thursday, November 17, 2011

Amputation or dying of Tetanus?


Okay...not quite but it could have happened!  So I got attacked by a falling picture frame, that ended up breaking, and slicing my poor little finger open! Luckily Molly was there to nurse my little finger and bandage it up! From the picture below it doesn't look that bad, and it makes me seem like a baby...but I promise there was a LOT of blood at the scene, and my finger had a heart beat for a couple hours! 

Well Tuesday when I was home visiting my parental units, my loving father reassured me that since it was a dusty picture frame that attacked me, it was likely I was going to get Tetanus which leads to: lock jaw, fever, and then DEATH. Thanks dad for freaking me out and making the wheels in my crazy, anxiety filled brain turn! So the decision was made that I would go to the Inter-mountain InstaCare and receive a Tetanus shot!  So thanks to thanks to the stupid picture frame for attacking me, and making me get a Tetanus shot, that has now made my left arm extremely sore! You're awesome. 

On a lighter note! 
My old bishop who I love and adore, James C. Christensen is an amazing artist.  And for the last couple months has been working on a series of photos relating to Lehi's dream from the Book of Mormon.  Well I was lucky enough to be a model for him! It was really cool to be apart of such an amazing process with such an amazing person.  Well James C. Christensen paired up with Robert L. Millet and they put together a book about Lehi's dream.  It turned out beautifully!!  I went and visited with my him a couple days ago (which is always a delight for me) and he gave and signed a copy of this book! I would suggest everyone get a copy of it, because it is amazing, get it here. Along with giving me a copy of his book he also gave me a copy (not an original) of one of the pictures he painted of me.  

He truly is such a talented artist.  And I am so grateful for him! He was the best bishop a young single adult could ask for! I seriously love that man, and he has made such a big impact on my life! 

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Jamie said...

Haha! I wish I was there. I miss you guys!! Also I'm very glad you will not be dying of tetanus any time soon! :)