Sunday, October 2, 2011

Disneyland, the beach, shopping, and pedicures!

I know...I  know its been a little while since I have updated, my bad, my bad! Life in P-town has just been a little busy and crazy I feel...well actually lets just be honest, all of my free time has gone to trying to catch up on all SEVEN seasons of Grey's Anatomy! Don't judge! I literally have spend 90% of my free time in the last 3 weeks trying to catch up...I have failed.  I am only on season 5 so I have not been watching the most recent episodes. And I will not until I am caught up! SO DON'T SPOIL IT!!!  

This last week my family and I spent the week in beautiful California! 

But before I road tripped down to CA I spend all day Friday with my great friend Amelia! We were roommates when i first moved down to Orem almost 3 YEARS AGO! I can't believe it has been that long since I have lived in "Happy Valley!" Amelia was staying up in Salt Lake and so I met her and her mom up at Temple Square.  It was such a fun day with a lot of fun experiences! 

In the General Relief Society office building, in President Julie B. Beck's office there is a picture hanging up above her desk, that Amelia's sweet sweet down syndrome sister Michaela was a model for.  So Naomi, Amelia's mom wanted to go see it! So no big deal we were escorted up to Sister Beck's office by her assistant.  Sadly Sister Beck wasn't in her office that day but we did go into her office and "hung out" for a bit.  It was really cool to be stand in her office! She is such an influential woman! On one of the walls in her office she has a bunch of pictures of her with different people like Michelle Obama, Condolezza Rice, and many other influential women of the U.S. It was sooo cool! I'm still a little shocked that I was there!

After that we were talking to Sister Beck's assistant, Sister Cook, and we were telling her that Amelia and I are both newly called Relief Society teachers.  She asked if we had received the new R.S. book about the history of R.S.  We said that we hadn't and she could say enough about how we needed to get the book.  As we were talking to a couple other people she had left the room and returned about 5 minutes later with copies of the new R.S. book that had been signed by the general R.S. presidency, with a picture of the presidency in the front!!!! I could not believe she gave us a signed copy! That is something I will cherish forever! 

After talking many a pictures, we decided to head down to the basement to see the new R.S., Young Women, and Primary resource center! We looked around for a bit, chatted with the workers and then decided to head back to the car.  On the way to the elevator, Sister Ann Dibbs (President Monson's daughter)was talking to a group of women!! Even if I didn't know who she was it wouldn't have taken long to figure it out...she looks just like her father! We talked with her for a couple minutes, took a picture with her, and then got on the elevator with her! It was such a cool experience talking to her.  She is such a sweet lady! I will never forget that day! It was so cool! I cannot believe the things that happened! 

Me in Sister Beck's office!

Me, Allie, Amelia
Roommate reunion minus Zandrea. And of course we did some shopping!
We can't get together and not go shopping!

So like I said, this last week my family and I spent the week in California! It was such a fun week! We spend 3 days at Disneyland/California Adventures.  Spend some time at the beach.  Did some shopping, and got pedicures with the girl while the boys went to an air show at the local military base.  It was great to spend lot of time with my family! Ethan and Brynlee were so good this week, minus a few minor meltdowns! But for the most part they did great and were so much fun! I seriously love my family! They may be crazy at times...but they are so much fun! We always have such a great time together!

Dad and Kyle were apparently tired from the 12 hour drive....

The fam at the beach!

Holy cow! Ethan loved the beach! He loved running back and forth into the water! If you can't tell by this picture he is soaked, and covered in sand! Ethan's first time at the beach = success!

Love the specks of sand on his face!

Ethan is getting such a bigger personality! He is so fun!

haha Brynlee is figuring out how to make different face! This is her new one! She gives the worst stink eye!
But even with that can't help but love her!

Me, Chels, and Ethan!
Ethan loves his papa! As we were watching t.v. one night after a long day at Disneyland, I looked over to find Ethan driving his "Mater" and "Lightning McQueen" cars on papa's belly! haha so cute! 

We celebrated Ethan's 3rd birthday while we were in CA....surprise surprise he wanted a "Cars" cake!

While at the play ground by the beach, Ethan found himself a redheaded girlfriend!

Disneyland is so cute during Halloween time!

Since Ethan celebrated his birthday he got to wear a "Happy Birthday" pin while we were there.
Brynlee and I also got to wear pins, because our birthday was within the month!
All of us were wished a Happy Birthday by most of the D-Land workers!

Ethan and I at "Autopia" I let him drive.  BIG MISTAKE!

Oh the Teacups! hahahaha
As tradition goes, Dad, Kyle and I piled into the teacup to try to break a world record.  I thought I was going to die....or puke.  So I kept my eyes closed for most of it.  We were spinning so fast people around us were pointing and talking about us my mom said! We are "legen- wait for it, and I hope you aren't lactose and tolerant, because the next part is-dary" (Legendary!!!!!)

Alice and the Mad Hatter!

Toy Story! BEST. RIDE. EVER.

Toon Town!!

Ethan and Brynlee!

Mickey's Soundsational Parade was awesome!

The Little Mermaid

Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Repunzel

Cinderella and Belle



Needless to say, and as you can probably see, we had so much fun in California! We are thinking about making it a yearly thing we do as a family! I would love that! 


Kyle & Chelsea said...

That was so much fun!! Seriously can't wait for next years Vacation!! I vote a cruise!

Jamie said...

All I have to say is I'm green with jealous rage that you went to Disneyland. For reals!

Also I'm glad it was fun.