Sunday, May 15, 2011

The joys of being an aunt!

Thursday was my day off at work! Typically on my day off I call my sister and we do lunch and just hang out! So as usual we took forever to decide where we wanted to eat lunch and after a long deliberation we decided we would head to Fashion Place mall!  Sara ate at Chic-fil-a (which I am obsessed with) I too almost got it, and then Sara said "Well had I known you were going to get Chic-fil-a as well we could have gone somewhere closer!"  So I decided to make the trip worth the drive and I branched out!

I am amazed at how my sister can handle two kids....especially when one is my nephew who is almost 3 and FULL of energy! So to keep the kids happy and entertained we decided to go take my nephew to ride on the little motorized-child-play-vehicles (I don't really know what I could call them).  Haha pretty sure Ethan didn't understand the concept of when you put money in the machine and it starts moving, you STAY in the vehicle and don't climb out.  He just wanted to test them all out really! He got in the "Bob the Builder" tracker and lasted about half the time before he climbed out and went to another car!  Oh was worth a try!
Sara and I wanted to walk around and window shop a little bit, so being the nice mom she is...she purchased one of those stroller things that looks like a car....for Ethan to sit in and pretend to drive while we did our thing.... Needless to say....those things are EMBARASSING! haha I am SOOOOO not ready to be a mom yet...because I still care too much about what people think about me! My sister could tell I was a little embarassed by the situation so she opted to take Ethan while I pushed Brynlee around in a NORMAL stroller!

After enduring the mall with two small children we headed back home and just relaxed a little bit.  My parents just put up their tampoline, so Sara and I entertained our selves by watching Ethan jump on the tramp. While Brynlee, Sara, and I just hung out!
I am so grateful to be an aunt! It is so fun! It is so great to know that they will love me no matter what! They are great kids and I can't wait to have more nieces and nephews! The greatest words an aunt can here is her nephew say "wuv you -sa!" ("Love you Lisa" in the words of a 2 1/2 year old!)


Mike & Sara said...

Aw shucks Lisa! How sweet of you. Thanks for all the compliments! I appreciate you and love hanging out with you. I am grateful that you are willing to put up with my crazy little family. I love that you will hang out with me despite the fact that my 2 1/2 year old will throw a huge temper tantrum in the mall, which makes it echo. Thanks for being a great sister and aunt. We love ya!

Jamie said...

AWW! I can't wait to have kiddos. (Duh.) If I'm being honest though, I'm not sure I could handle the crazy strollers & all either... Maybe I should cool my jets & mature some more before birthin' some babies of my own! Haha :)